Helpful Guides and Videos – 25Live

25Live PRO – Getting Started (PDF)
Description: This guide will take you step by step through the process of creating an event in 25Live.

25Live PRO – How to “Star” Locations (PDF)
Description: This guide will show you how to set locations as “starred” in order to quickly view calendars and request spaces most relevant to you.

25Live Building Abbreviation List (PDF)
Description: Having trouble finding the building/room you’re looking for in 25Live? This list shows how spaces/buildings are listed in 25Live. (Example: Fletcher Music Hall = FLEMUS in the 25Live system).

How-To-Do a Location Search in 25Live (PDF)
Description: The easiest way to start planning an event is to see if the location you want is available first. This guide will walk you through executing a simple location search in 25Live.

25Live Staff/Faculty Requestor Training Presentation (PDF)
Description: Download a copy of the 25Live Requestor PowerPoint Presentation that is used during the 25Live training provided to ECU Staff and Faculty.